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Prairie Harvest is Canada's Top Selling Organic Pasta...

Our other lines are closing in fast!

You asked for it. Consumers demanded it. What a smashing success! Prairie Harvest, the brand your customers love to buy, is your ONE-STOP place to shop for all your organic pasta requirements.

Prairie Harvest's San Zenone brand of organic corn and rice pasta, manufactured in a dedicated 100% wheat-free, gluten-free facility, have proved so popular that they're flying off the shelve everywhere.

Our five Prairie Harvest certified organic pasta sauce flavours are made from a secret blend. Our taste-testers preferred these sauces to all others. And they were right! These sauces are generating an amazing turn rate for retailers.

The San Zenone lines of gluten-free organic corn and rice pastas and our organic pasta sauces boast the same excellent margin point as all our other Prairie Harvest organic products.

They're all top sellers. Your customers can taste the difference! Available now from all major distributors.